MSU students celebrate Indigenous existence

"Native November. It's a month, but this is also just what we should be doing every day." We appreciate all the students who spoke with us on identity and belonging.

As a land grant institution, it is especially important for us to celebrate and amplify the voices of Native students year-round.

MSU mass shooting: reflecting when the flowers disappear

On Feb. 13 2023, tragedy struck Michigan State University with a mass shooting, hospitalizing five and taking the lives of Arielle Anderson, Alexandria Verner and Brian Fraser. Months later, students reflect on the impact of the mass shooting on campus. 

Just Keep Swimming

Despite being “blindsided” by MSU administration, MSU’s recently-cut swim and dive team compete in the club nationals competition to win it and prove that they deserve to swim.   

Squirrels of MSU 

MSU: home of The Woodshed, The Dairy Store and, most notably, 'chonky' squirrels. Hundreds of cheeky squirrels bring joy to students on campus, so The State News paid tribute to them with this video.

East Lansing transitions during the school year

 As students make their way into summer, The State News takes a look at campus foliage and scenery from August to May. We congratulate the seniors as they make their own transitions in life and wish all Spartans a great summer.

The State News culture desk visits cider mills in the area

The State News' Culture Desk heads to different cider mills in the area to rank them.

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